Docmakers is a collective of award-winning documentary filmmakers, comprised of Aliona van der Horst, Suzanne Raes, Sanne Rovers, Yan Ting Yuen, writer Fabie Hulsebos and producer Ilja Roomans. At Docmakers everything is done from a creative perspective. We love films that require stamina, but we get just as excited about unusual, unexpected, or time-sensitive projects that need more of a flexible approach. We like to work together off the beaten track and in collaboration with other disciplines. We learn from each other and get the best out of each other. In this way, Docmakers offers young, less experienced filmmakers the opportunity to be supported by seasoned professionals and we also make a unique contribution to the development of proven talent. In addition to productions by Docmakers directors, we also produce films from external directors and take part in international co-productions.

Docmakers handles the Governance Code Cultuur, the Code Culturele Diversiteit and the Fair Practice Code.

About Ilja Roomans has produced documentaries since 2003, she was responsible for more than 60 creative documentaries and documentary series, with experience in both Dutch productions and international co-productions. Recent films… >> read more
About In her 20 years of filmmaking Aliona van der Horst (born in in Russia, raised in the Netherlands) has received multiple awards for most of her films, which are screened at film festivals around the world. Because of her personal, poetic and… >> read more
About Suzanne Raes established herself as a filmmaker with films such as The houses of Hristina and The Rainbow Warriors of Waiheke Island, De Dijk - Hold on tight, The Successor of Kakiemon and… >> read more
About Sanne Rovers makes documentaries for young and old that are playful and with a desire for freedom. Wild Lilly (2011) and The World of Kim and Bob (2016) were both nominated for a Prix de Jeunesse and her documentary… >> read more
About Yan Ting Yuen made her directing debut in 2001 with the documentary Chin.Ind. (nominated for a Gouden Kalf (Golden Calf) at the Netherlands Film Festival). Her second film Ban Xi- the 8 Model Works was nominated… >> read more
About Fabie Hulsebos is a freelance screenwriter and develops documentary, animation and feature film projects. She has been involved with Docmakers since the start, initially as a producer but now mainly as a writer and consultant.… >> read more
About Lieke van den Ouwelant has been working as a Line Producer at Docmakers since 2022. Lieke started out as a researcher in 2003 and has since been involved in the making of numerous (international) documentaries and tv series.… >> read more
About Selina de Lannoy began working as junior production coordinator / production assistant at Docmakers in 2022. Having completed a bachelor’s degree in Media, Art, Design & Architecture at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in… >> read more
About Monique Lesterhuis
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Quid pro Quo
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Esther & the Law
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Heart of Democracy
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